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Born in the SWISS alps

The history of swisspor AG started in 1947 with the foundation of Kork AG in Boswil (Switzerland). The company, manufacturing insulating materials, soon became the leader in this field in the country. Long time has passed since then and now, after further expansions and an accurate campaign of acquisitions, we became today one of the largest groups in this field in Europe. Our roots lie in Switzerland.

Swiss values shape our identity: Humility, conscientiousness, accuracy lead our thoughts and actions.

Mountains, nature, green lanscapes inspire us to developp and improve building solutions towards energy efficiency.

Rationality of our solutions is brought by the toughness and simple beauty of the nature surrounding us.

Energy and cost efficiency, safety and security, aesthetics and durability are now the requirements to be met by an envelope of a modern building. Our full range of services is a decisive advantage for our partners. Our insulating materials, sealing systems, doors and windows are all manufactured in the same mindset: saving energy.
With our portfolio of versatile products, our innovative technologies, our extensive expertise and our group networking skills, we are able to offer to our partners, optimal and complete systems solutions from the foundations to the roof through the facade.
We operate 19 manufacturing plants, located in 6 different european countries.

In Turtmann (Switzerland), we manufacture one of the most technologically advanced range of bituminous waterproofing membranes destined to the protection of residential, commercial, industrial buildings and major works of civil engineering. These membranes were so far only proposed  in the Swiss market. They are manufactured
to withstand the harshest weather conditions and to comply with the very strict Swiss SIA norms. Lately, using this technology, we have extended this range of products of high quality to meet the technical and economic requirements of other European countries.

In Châtel-St-Denis (Switzerland), we operate two plants producing the most effective sustainables EPS end PIR insulation pannels. They meet the technical requirements of the european countries.


The swisspor film - a look behind the scenes

Learn more about swisspor and take a look behind the scenes. Discover who we are and what we do: our 7 swiss production sites, our complete range of products, our high quality control laboratories, our technical support, our logistics, as well as our environmental and sustainable development consciousness.

Take a look in 90 seconds behind scenes of swisspor

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